Welcome to Jazz Stroud - a weekend of live music that unravels the spectrum of what free daytime shows, evening concerts, late night live sessions and club nights.

Drawing on its dynamic local scene of artists, poets, and jam sessions, Jazz Stroud also strives to welcome the leading lights of the UK jazz scene into this community, to make connections with other musicians here and give unique performances in extraordinary venues.


Previous Line-Ups


Steam Down, Emma-Jean Thackray, Vels Tio, Alabaster Deplume, Leafcutter John, Ishmael Ensemble, Footshooter, The Breath, Snazzback, Teotima, Roella Oloro Quintet, Maxwell Owin, Laimu, CIL, Jelly Cleaver, Matthew Reid Trio, Los Gusanos, Albino Tarantino, JSSO Project, Jouis, Paul Jordanous Ensemble, Jasper Kirton, China Bowls, Komodo, Da Rico, Burda Legree, Stroud Jazz Sessions


Nubya Garcia, Ivo Neame Quartet, Anchorsong, Ariwo, Feelgood experiment, Bahla, Modulus III, Dakhla, Eyebrow, Sawa-Manga, We Are Leif, Strayhorn Quartet, Footshooter, Brother Portrait, Caravela, Swordfishtrombone, China Bowls, Andy Nowak trio, Ruth Royall, Dave Ayre trio, JP Allstars, Rafa Dornelles Trio, Komodo, Hippo, Los Serpiented, Aisling Iris Quartet, Mermaid Chunky, Stroud Jazz sessions, Jasper Kirton, Kim Cypher, Eddie Parker, Junk Room Records

Get the Blessing, Dakhla, Mammal Hands, Vels Trio, The Comet is Coming, Feelgood Experiment, Remi Harris, Rafa Dornelles Trio, Footshooter, Kevin Figes Quartet, The Breath, Da Rico, The Schmoozenbergs, Bloom, Spindle Ensemble, Evil Usses, Run Logan Run, Tezeta,  Beje, Andy Nowak Quartet, The Patsy Gamble Quartet, Mermaid Chunky, Sea Slugs, Dark Victory Tristan Watson Trio, Ghostmind, Stroud Jazz Sessions, John Street Ska Orchestra, JP Allstars, Funk in Session, Weston & Dellow, Dave Ayre Trio, Stroud Calling, Jazz Friday, Junk Room Records

Andy Sheppard and the Pushy Doctors, Michelson Morley, Feelgood Experiment, The Tadlib Collective, Stroud Jazz Jam Sessions, Patsy Gamble, Jazz Friday, Evil Usses, Remi Harris , Tristan Watson & John Broomhill, Swing From Paris, Pure Evil, Cheltenham Improvisers Orchestra, Dave Ayre Trio